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    • July 9, 2019
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    We’re so excited to introduce a new member of the West Loop Orthodontics team! Dr. Desai is an associate orthodontist who will be treating our incredible patients alongside Dr. Arruda. “What I’m looking forward to most about practicing at West Loop Orthodontics is empowering people with healthy smiles, connecting with my community, and working with a team that truly embodies conquering life.” We sat down with Dr. Desai to learn more about her and what inspires her.

    Dr. Desai grew up in a small town in Pennsylvania called Somerset. “The people is what makes Somerset so special. Neighbors work together to create a strong, close-knit community where the environment feels safe and welcoming.” Although she grew up in Pennsylvania, she’s a true midwesterner at heart because she was born in Topeka, Kansas.

    We’re a little biased about how incredible orthodontics is, and Dr. Desai would have to agree. She discovered orthodontics was her true calling while she was in dental school. “The cases that excited me the most were those in which I built long-term relationships with my patients. While treating patients, I began to appreciate that orthodontics has the ability to curtail dental complications, preserve natural smiles, and promote good health for a lifetime.” Dr. Desai recently gained more insight into the patient experience since she’s currently undergoing Invisalign treatment. “Invisalign has been a great option for me but I must admit, being true to myself and making sure to wear my trays all of the time can be challenging at times.”

    Strolling along the River Walk or playing tennis at the local tennis court are two places you can find Dr. Desai when she’s not at the office. She also enjoys supporting her favorite sports teams. “I’m a Chicago Bears fan, but truthfully I’m a steadfast Pittsburgh Steelers fan. Football season is one of my favorite times of the year.”

    We’re looking forward to improving the quality of life for our patients with Dr. Desai. In fact, that’s what she loves about the field too. “I’ve learned that orthodontics is one of the few professions where one can build an intimate and ongoing relationship with a patient. A few of my favorite things about the orthodontic field are that my everyday job allows me to empower people with good health, make real differences, and make an everlasting impact on my patients’ lives through their smile.” Welcome to the team, Dr. Desai!

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Meet Your Team: Nick

With so much growth over the last few years, we knew we would need more hands on deck to organize our patient’s ortho treatments. Which is why we’re excited to introduce Nick, our Scheduling Coordinator and newest addition to the team!

Whether it’s setting up patient appointments or staff meetings, Nick handles all things scheduling. He weighs out the length of time a procedure will take to perform and coordinates that with the open clinic chairs, assigned staff, prescribed time in between appointments, and your availability, of course.

During his free time, Nick enjoys creating elaborate meals and hosting festive dinner parties. As a long-time culinary devotee, he’s the go-to expert for the latest and greatest spots to eat around town. But after a long day in the kitchen or office, he enjoys kicking back at home with his husband and Morgan, their senior Labrador pup.

Before joining West Loop Ortho, Nick was a salon manager at some of the top hair salons in Chicago. He began styling hair in his home state of North Carolina at the age of 19 because he loved helping others look and feel their best. But after knowing the ins-and-outs of the hair industry far too well, he decided to pursue his interest in healthcare administration.

Nick brings such a fun energy with his quick witted comebacks and musings, all while maintaining a ship-shape front office. Although career changes are never easy, we’re really glad he chose that route since it’s been amazing having him on the team.

Here’s How We’re Staying Safe

As you’ve probably heard from every news outlet, we’ve been experiencing a shortage of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE, such as masks and gloves) across the nation. We’ve been working to secure our PPE supply since March and have been extremely fortunate to attain the appropriate masks, face shields, garments, gloves, and more, to protect ourselves and the wellbeing of our patients.

In other words, this is our new getup:

Even with our newly increased coverage, we’re still scrubbing down, sanitizing, and switching between our gear as per the CDC and American Dental Association dental practice guidelines during the pandemic.

But, that’s not all. There’s been a little re-decorating done around the office:

And our staff has made some changes to their everyday routines, such as recording their temperature, checking for symptoms, maintaining a separate change of clothes for the clinic, and washing their hands immediately upon arrival.

We’ve been spreading word of our new office visit protocol through emails and social media. But, in case you missed it…

Here is what you should expect during your next visit:



If you’re currently receiving treatment and haven’t been scheduled for an appointment you missed during our closure, please reach out to us at info@wlortho.com or give us a call at 872.222.9567

With all that said, we’ve missed our patients and can’t wait to see how everyone’s smile has progressed during this time. Hope to (safely) see everybody soon!

Our New Safety Protocol

Wearing a mask is a given, but many locations have additional safety measures in place that are necessary to meet their establishment’s needs. Before coming in for your appointment, take a minute to check out the new safety protocol at the West Loop Ortho office:


Once you arrive, check-in to our virtual waiting room here:


(passcode: 312)



Conquer Life: Resolutions

Spring is here, our environment is once again reborn, and the skies are teasing us with glimpses of sunny times ahead. With new beginnings just around the corner, the last piece to complete our picture perfect puzzle would be to say we’ve been crushing all our goals or new years’ resolutions made a few months ago. Regardless of the current global pause, we’ve keenly adjusted our behaviors and continue carrying on according to plan. (more…)