The goal of early orthodontic (Phase One) treatment is to:

  • 1. Make enough room in the mouth so that when adult teeth are ready to come in, they can emerge in the right place.

  • 2. Correct bad habits like thumb sucking or tongue thrusts, and encourage ideal jaw function.

  • 3. Correct asymmetries that may lead to improper facial growth or unbalanced skeletal development down the road.

If your child is recommended Phase One treatment at their consultation or in the future, they’ll automatically become a member of our Kids Club!

Participation in our Kids Club comes at no cost, we just want to be a support system for your family and make sure your child is maintaining great dental, craniofacial, functional and overall oral health as they grow up. The goal of Kids Club is to monitor your kiddo’s growth and get them excited to start their smile journey! Learn more about Kids Club here.